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Old Palace Lodge - Dunstable

Curtis recently manufactured and installed new furniture for the 4* Old Palace Lodge hotel, Dunstable. The Old Palace Lodge, which has stood for several hundred years, has recently added an extension of 18 new build bedrooms.

The Brief

At very short notice the clients original furniture supplier cancelled, leaving the hotel with the dilemma of fully booked rooms with no furniture. This provided an exciting challenge for Curtis as there was only 6 weeks in which to complete the job!

As the rooms had already been decorated to a high quality finish the furniture had to match this specification so that a consistent tone was created throughout the new build hotel rooms.

This project was approached by working very closely with the client, listening to their needs and how they envisioned the final outcome for the finished hotel rooms. An effective project management strategy was put in place, which considered the budget, the high specification of the hotel bedrooms and the time constraints. The client was extremely helpful with both their ideas and input which helped to guide the project.

The Solution

Curtis provided a range of high specification furniture which included headboards, c-shaped bedsides, desks/TV units, wardrobes and rounded tables.

Through liaising with the client and a strong strategic plan, all of the furniture was delivered within 6 weeks and on budget. This allowed the client to meet the original deadline and let the rooms out on the required date.