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Curtis launch Separation Screens UK

09 June 2020
Curtis launch Separation Screens UK

The current coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent lockdown in the UK, has left hospitality businesses in limbo, with an uncertain future.

We at Curtis wanted to find a way to help our clients re-open their hotels and restaurants in a safe and responsible way - being furniture manufacturers, the most effective help we could give would be to supply Perspex separation screens for social distancing.

We set about configuring the best sizes for separation screens to protect from virus transmission, using our knowledge of typical restaurant, bar and pub dimensions, then created products suitable for those settings.

We built a website which allowed customers to search by category - restaurant, bar, salon or gym screens, to find the perfect solutions, without needing to calculate sizes or pay for bespoke designs.

We hope you can find something here to suit your needs, allowing you to open safely, showing your customers that their safety is your prime concern:

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