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Hilton Garden Inn Brand Sample Room


Curtis Furniture had been working with Hilton for 14 years when they came to us with a new request: would we build them two brand sample rooms in our factory?

Our answer?  A resounding yes!


Capability and reliability

Hilton chose Curtis Furniture for this project for two main reasons:

  1. We are trusted by Hilton for our proven expertise in providing high-quality value for money bedroom furniture
  2. We are the largest UK manufacturer specialising in this arena, with our 60,000 ft sq factory located in Yorkshire.


Value Engineering consultation

As per the usual Curtis process, we got involved early in discussions about the design and specification of the furniture, especially the case goods and the bespoke sliding metalwork privacy screen.  This meant we could offer value engineering options which could meet budget without compromising on the desired brand look nor longevity of our furniture.  


Bringing the control book to life

Within two months of taking this project on, we had delivered a fully functional, full scale sample room.  We worked closely with Hilton Supply Management (HSM) and Hilton’s brand design team to develop the concept.  We then project managed the entire build and installation, meticulously sourcing all materials, managing the trades and ensuring we produced an accurate replica of the Hilton Garden Inn control book.  We provided not just the case goods, but loose tables and mirrors, shower, toilet, sanitary and brassware.


As you can see, the final product provides an immersive experience of stepping inside a Hilton Garden Inn bedroom and seeing the brand from the guest’s perspective.

The benefits of this asset for Hilton are many:

Hotel bedroom desk, chair and circular mirror